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Among the many details inside the rooms that will ensure your comfort, we point out the private en-suite baths and the comfortable, well-sized orthopaedic beds.


The 100m2 living room can comfortably accommodate all guests and visitors. It has a cinema screen, backgammon and card games.


The kitchen is spacious, fantastic for large cooked (has all kinds of pots and accessories) and sophisticated cuisine. The utility room has a wine cellar and the kitchen offers all the amenities you need, such as a refrigerator and large freezer, all machines such as a microwave, oven, garbage, juicer, coffee machines, electric mixer, etc. This kitchen is an amazing space to be cooking with family, friends or other guests.


The 50m2 dining room can comfortably accommodate all guests and visitors. The table has a maximum of 16 seats. For dinners with up to 30 guests, we are able to offer two additional tables: one with 10 seats and another with 4 seats. We can also offer a formal dining service with sophisticated cutlery, wine glasses, champagne, etc.

The Lusitano Master Room, considered the dream room, not only because of the king-sized bed, but also because we feel the landscape and the dimension of Alentejo through its windows. The closet in caramel colour, the jacuzzi for two, the big shower with direct view to the landscape, are the perfect spot, from where you can see the blue sky, a very clear light of an open sun and discover this land in one single glance.

Master en-suite bedroom with a king-sized orthopaedic bed

The colours applied in this room are the Alentejo colours, blue and white, which are the typical colours of the Alentejo's houses. These colours are present all over, from bed spreads to the typical handmade embroideries, with blue flowers on the sheets and curtains in white tissue.
Remembering our presence in Alentejo, there are cow bells, lamps imitating cork and decorative objects such as the dinnerware, the bull drawn carriages, the rural motives very appreciated in this region that make us feel as a small part of this special landscape - the Alentejo.

En-suite bedroom with a king-sized orthopaedic bed

In the Arabe room we come back to the reminiscences of the Al Andalus Empire , that in its last phase reached from The Alto Alentejo region until Cordova. Speaking of Monforte, we have Arab horse breeders, excellent endurance jockeys and a falcon training school for hunting the red partridge. At the foot of the bed we can see a lithography of a hooded falcon, from the United Arab Emirates, an acrylic painting of a Touareg (by Fátima Mateus) and an explosion of Arabic tones on the pillows and bed in this room.

En-suite bedroom with queen-sized orthopaedic bed

The Conchita Room is known for its captivating harmonious and exquisite theme, which runs through the room in the form of fine, pastel pink bedding, floral cushions with matching curtains and an elegant bed frame with striking headboard designs. The theme is prominent in the whole room and with its dark wooden ceiling beams it presents a unique contrast and mix of refined elegance and rural rustic style with colours that epitomise the warm hues of the sunset sky in Alentejo.

En-suite bedroom with two big twin orthopaedic beds

The Brownie room (in harvest and brown colours) shows the typical scenes of the Alentejo countryside in paintings and we can also admire a hunting trophy (Wild boar), a stylised sculpture of an African man, reminding several scenes of the countryside, like the big extension of the plains, showing the similarity between Alto Alentejo and wild Africa. These landscapes have a great similarity, not only in their gold colour, but the cork tree is very similar to the African acacia tree, standing alone on the plains, yet in another scale.

En-suite bedroom with two big twin orthopaedic beds

The Courtyard Room is the ideal solution for guests looking for a more economic option to enjoy the full experience of being at one with the Alentejo atmosphere and having the full experience of literally having nature right at your doorstep. This room, located near the stables outside the main building, faces the beautiful courtyard and offers stunning views of the landscapes while still enabling access to the main farmhouse amenities. Significant for this rooms is its sleek, minimalistic yet cosy design with customised and individual features, such as a patterned area rug and elegant curtains.

Exterior en-suite bedroom with one double bed